Ruka Triple

The first three races of the world cup are over. This morning we rushed out of northern Finland for the slightly sunnier prospects of Lillehammer, Norway. To put it in my parents’ context, we are now in the land of brown cheese. It is always hard writing about racing when it doesn’t quite go as … More Ruka Triple

Season’s Endings

When someone asks how my season went this year, I have typically been replying “there were ups and downs, but it ended really well.” That might be it, or someone might want more details.  Typical follow-ups are along the lines of “where was your favorite place?” and “what’s next?”  This post is to enlighten all … More Season’s Endings

Moving Forward

Returning to a blog now is kind of like getting back in contact with an old friend.  It’s really great to see them, but actually you need some obscure favor that makes the whole thing slightly awkward.  The slightly awkward part is definitely here but luckily I don’t need any favors.  Lots has gone on … More Moving Forward

FAQ: Rollerskis

As rollerski season is winding down, it feels like a good time to address their benefits, limitations, and dangers. At their most basic form, rollerskis are two wheels with a stick in between and a binding mounted on top.  For all the variations in flex, rubber, durability, material, and other hodgepodge of skier jargon, it … More FAQ: Rollerskis


Winter is approaching quickly and I figure that it is time for a few updates: First, I am excited to say that I will be representing Coffman Engineers again for the coming season.  Stay tuned for some flashy new apparel. Coffman is both my employer and my current headgear sponsor and is one of the … More Announcements

Fall’s End

Each year October arrives and with it comes cold temperatures, termination dust, and the first hints that skiing is on the way.  In response, we jet off to Park City Utah to get some altitude, catch up with the US ski team coaches and athletes, and hopefully avoid a little bit of the nasty transition … More Fall’s End