Skiing has always been an excuse to get outside. From an early age in McCall, ID, I developed a passion for skiing through involvement in games and outdoor adventures with friends. This naturally progressed to racing. Racing provided an outlet for competitive spirit in the outdoors along with soccer and running. My family’s transition to Alaska spurred the level of competition that had only somewhat emerged prior and I was plunged into full time training with other sports rapidly being shunted aside. Desire for results and willingness to work for them accelerated my ski career.

Once I was going, it was impossible to stop. High school skiing with South Anchorage High School and club racing with Alaska Winter Stars were the next stepping stones. From there, I spent four years racing for the University of Vermont while getting degrees in mechanical engineering and mathematics. Degrees in hand, skiing still couldn’t disappear from my life.

Returning to Anchorage opened up new opportunities. After two summers working as an intern for Coffman Engineers, a chance to work part time while chasing my goals in the skiing world became reality. This opportunity combined with an amazing group of athletes at Alaska Pacific University was too good to pass up.

Now here I am. Skiing, working, and chasing my goals while still making sure to nourish my love of the outdoors and pass it on to future generations.


A Few Notable Results:

  • 2017 50k Skate US National Champion
  • 2017 Supertour Overall and Distance Champion
  • 9th Pyeongchang World Cup Skiathalon
  • 28th Homenkollen World Cup 50k Classic
  • 30th Quebec World Cup 15k Skate Pursuit
  • 2016 15k Classic US National Champion
  • 2016 Supertour Distance Champion
  • 4x Crow Pass Crossing Champion
  • Kesugi Traverse Course Record

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