Outside of my own media channels, there are several opportunities to follow along with results for this season. These are basic suggestions that I’m sure can be elaborated on by those following along in the US.  There are a few weekends (such as this coming weekend in Beitostolen) that may be a little more difficult to follow as they are not as widely televised. When in doubt, ask a friend.


  • Fasterskier.com – this cross country ski specific news site generally provides up to date information and stories specific to North American racers within one day of the competition.
  • FIS app or website – the international ski federation provides live results for almost all the races that I will be competing in.  These results are probably the best way to follow along live without any subscription.
  • Crosscountryski.us – this website provides links to videos of all the world cup races.  Generally, they are posted within one day of the competition.
  • YouTube live – if you are really looking for a live source, there are sometimes live feeds posted on YouTube.  The best way I have found is to take the location and race format and translate it to Cyrillic, then search YouTube.


  • NBC Sports Gold Snowpass – this subscription service provides access to live and on-demand events throughout the season. I am not sure how exactly this works with cable providers.
  • VPN and European TV source – for the dedicated follower, the best live option is probably a VPN to shift your IP to a European country and then see about the TV resources in the country.  Eurosport and NRK (Norway) generally provide good coverage of the cross country world cups.

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