Moving Forward

Returning to a blog now is kind of like getting back in contact with an old friend.  It’s really great to see them, but actually you need some obscure favor that makes the whole thing slightly awkward.  The slightly awkward part is definitely here but luckily I don’t need any favors.  Lots has gone on since the last blog but I’ll get to the juicy details first:

I was not selected for the 2017 world championships in Lahti.  Skiing and qualifying for competitions as an elite athlete can be fragile at times.  The qualification for the world championships was based on four races with the two races at US nationals weighted more heavily.  I came down with the common cold a few days before US nationals began.  Due to the importance of the races, I tried to push through.  For both of the races I competed in, I was able to manage for about two thirds of the race before the nasty cold symptoms everyone dreads caught up with me.  Multiply that with altitude, somewhat slow snow, a few ski issues and the results is that I struggled.  16th and 4th were not what I needed.  3rd instead of 4th would have been enough.  It is frustrating to miss out by a single place: 10 seconds in over an hour of racing, but that ship has sailed.

So what does this mean for the future: for this season it means I need to rework my schedule a little and do a little more domestic racing; for next season, it means absolutely nothing. Also, I did get a consolation prize in the form of an invite to the South Korean World Cups.  This event serves as a test for the 2018 Olympics and will provide a great opportunity to experience the venue and get a few world cup starts midseason.  There are also more opportunities for world cups starts in early March but that has yet to be determined.

Up next for this season:

  • World Cups – Pyeongchang, South Korea 2/3-2/5
  • Supertour – Marquette, MI 2/17-2/19
  • American Birkie – Hayward, WI 2/25


Managing to not look too sick while feeling pretty awful at US Nationals. Photo: Toko US


My sister, Caitlin, sprinting in some interesting conditions at US nationals.


Travel day between Park City, UT and Truckee, CA.


Logan Hanneman checking the snow depth with some aerials.


An extra week in Bozeman between Truckee and Korea meant there was time for some treat making.







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