Fall’s End

Each year October arrives and with it comes cold temperatures, termination dust, and the first hints that skiing is on the way.  In response, we jet off to Park City Utah to get some altitude, catch up with the US ski team coaches and athletes, and hopefully avoid a little bit of the nasty transition season in Alaska while extending fall a few more weeks in Utah.  Upon our return, the hope is that rollerskiing can become skiing, biking can become backcountry skiing, and climbing can transition to ice.

However, before the Park City camp gets a little stressful. Suddenly summer and even fall are coming to a close.  Summer and fall types of adventures have to be crammed in as much as possible.  Along with that is the building intensity of September and the sudden realization that ski season is almost here (ie the oh crap moments when questioning summer training.)

I thought I made the most of this season.  While August was rainy in AK, the outdoors granted lots of beautiful weekends and evenings for every adventuresome pleasure.  I ascended new peaks, went packrafting on rivers that run too high all summer, got a last few days of outdoor climbing, and even capped it off with a few pretty good time trials on rollerskis. 


Andrew Dougherty after a long day on Eagle Peak.



Snowy summits.  Eagle Peak.



Packrafting. Photo: Neil Liotta.


Fun and more fun.  Echo Bend with Neil and Schyler.



6:00 miles down the Seward Highway for a shuttle.


In between adventures there were lots of days of running on my own, hence the scenery shots:

Now, most of APU is down in Park City exploring the new asphalt and fast running before the winter really creeps into play.


Photo: Eric Packer




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