Sunday of Summer

Eric Packer mentioned that August was the Sunday of summer during the past week on the glacier.  At the time, I brushed it off with the comment that September up here is pretty sweet as well; however, thinking about it a little more, he was definitely right.  By September, I am scoping ice routes, watching the snow creep down the mountains, and getting out some different adventure gear all while recognizing that my adventure season is really already past.  By September, I’m clinging to the last ounces of freedom to fit in a few more. I adopt a mentality that is much more of an unplanned long weekend. All that scheduled stuff can wait until Tuesday.  With that in mind, it seems due time for another adventure and plans are in the works, but mostly the last months have been the standard (albeit very non-standard) training and building volume.  Today marked the end of the third glacier camp of the year.  The first brought new snow, some hardwax, and lots of training. The second introduced excessive sunshine and different training partners with the US ski team making the trek up to Alaska.  The third completed the trifecta by giving us a nice dose of rain jacket skis, winds, and fog.  But for those who haven’t spent significant time in the mountains with me, I was pretty happy in the third weather conditions as well.

In between the weeks up at Eagle Glacier, I have rollerskied a ton, ran even more, ascended lots of mountains repetitively (and even added a few new ones), and some other miscellaneous training like the ever dreaded indoor activities of strength and double poling on my Skierg.  There have also been quite a few races: Knoya, Bird, Mount Marathon, and Crow Pass.  For the quick and clean results: 1st, 2nd, 4th, 1st.  I was interviewed for Mount Marathon and Crow Pass so those who are interested can check those out for more details.  All of them had their little moments, but I don’t really know how to make them into that interesting a story.  Especially right now, it is time to move on to new races and new adventures.  Coming up in the next month will be the Alyeska Classic on August 13th, Lost Lake Run on the 27th, and The Rut VK and 50k on September 2nd and 4th tied in with a visit to my parents in Bozeman. Unfortunately, Kesugi Traverse (my only course record) had to be dropped from my schedule in the interest of performance and recovery.  I will be back another year, but now as it is almost Sunday (and the Sunday of Summer) it is time to plan some adventures.

Trying for that elusive record again at Crow Pass Crossing.
Mountains and Lakes. What more does a person need?
You know your getting real when even the Dall Sheep fall of the side of the mountain.
Tunnels in Chugach rock: definitely picture worthy!
The living facility up at Eagle Glacier. It is quite plush for being at 5,500 feet on a glacier with only helicopter access.
We got a scenic tour on the helicopter flight down from the last camp at Eagle.  In the spring, I skied from top left to bottom center (Check out Sunday/Monday Funday) on the West Branch glacier.
SelfieSunday? Not quite but it seems appropriate.










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