An Alaska Sample Pack

In between the rainy rollerskis, the hours in the gym, and the seemingly endless mountain runs that occupy most of my summer training hours, Alaska provides ample opportunities for summer adventures a little out of the ordinary or at least worthy of taking out the camera. Since ending the season I have been on a roll fitting in every adventure possible; however, today is a little lacking.  Maybe it’s a blog day instead of an adventure day.

 For those of you that are curious, training in AK has been going well.  The APU team is looking stronger than ever and we are managing some impressive performances (yes I am talking about myself in this) at the local mountain running races.  We have also all managed to survive the snow, sunburn, and fog that greeted us for the first glacier camp of the summer.  In between 3 helicopter flights, 4 books, 29 hours of skiing, and thousand calorie snacks I managed to take one picture.  Luckily, I have been on lots of other adventures that can fill in the photograph gaps.

My one glacier pictures.  Enjoying the cloud line from the helicopter flight up. The living facility is somewhere up there is the white.
A grand adventure plan that didn’t quite work.  We will have to save it for another year and hope for a bit better snow.


A different type of fun on the snow as we bailed out of Plan A.
The bailout plan B involved hiking around coastal Alaskan trails.  Bonus: finding buoys.  The hassle of crawling under logs with them just adds to the fun.



More types of snow fun on the way back to Anchorage.  Eating some corn!
Even birkie winners like to get on the fatties every once in a while and build some quad strength.
And on to the next adventure: a late evening paddle with Neil. Perfect weather and optimal water levels.
Sometimes getting to the fun requires running with awkward packs through the devils club jungle.  Worth it?  Definitely.
Chugach front range chutes.
Gradually the snow is receding and we have to travel further and higher to get some quality glissading.
Another beautiful Alaskan day!

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