Spring Adventure #1

Sometimes the conditions play nice, yet at other times they are a real bear.  After scouring the local avalanche forecast for some place that might be reasonably stable, I wrote off a touring  hut trip and decided that crust skiing was the way to go.  Also, I wanted to go overnight. Then it was just a matter of finding a place.

The first criterion was weather.  North was better than South and East was better than West, so obviously Northeast was the chosen direction.  Together with David Norris, Eric Packer, and Andrew Dougherty, we set out for a 45 mile adventure hoping for crust and sweet skiing but prepared for cold and nasty conditions. The weather cooperated but the crust left lot to be desired.  For the rest though, it is time to let Andrew’s pictures do the talking.

Early hiking due to some steep hills and low snow. Photo: Andrew Dougherty
Route finding through the overflow. Photo: Andrew Dougherty
The snow was rotten enough that the only layer for a tent platform was the ground. Photo: Andrew Dougherty
Morning snow melting. Photo: Andrew Dougherty



Finally some crust. Photo: Andrew Dougherty
Waterfalls made things a little slower. Photo: Andrew Dougherty
Map time brought to you by Andrew Dougherty’s watch.

All this adventure has done is satisfy my appetite for adventure for a single day. Now I just want to go again.


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