US Nationals: Distance and Sprint

A couple days in and already US nationals are halfway finished. It has been a bit of a whirlwind trip.  For the quick and clean summary: I won the 15k classic race on Sunday to take my first US national title (and first podium ever). Topping off the day, my sister, Caitlin Patterson, won the women’s 10k classic race as well. Not a bad day for the Patterson family.

Today, Caitlin ended up on the podium again in 3rd place while I could only fight my way to 25th. The sprint was not what I wanted, but any disappointment I might be feeling is mitigated by the victory the day before.

Looking forward, I have another distance race (30k Skate!) and one more sprint. I will be eyeing the title again and looking for some redemption for today.

My initial intention was to post some insightful titbits from racing, but my inclination now is to point to some media sources, post a few photos, and leave it at that.

Media Coverage:

Fasterskier Write-up

USSA Write-up

Alaska Dispatch News Write-up

Skitrax Write-up

Photo: Christopher Schmidt
Photo: Christopher Schmidt
Early on in the race. Still trying to find my fight. Photo:
Photo: USSA


Photo: Christopher Schmidt
Photo: Christopher Schmidt
Photo: Christopher Schmidt





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