Excitement, Chaos, and a Lack of Pictures

First, I am excited to announce a headgear sponsor, Coffman Engineers (thanks Jeff, Dave, Mike, and everyone else for helping but this together).  I have worked as an intern and part time for the last four years with Coffman and they have stepped up to the plate again by going above and beyond. For the past four years Coffman has been a great employer and incredibly accommodating to my training and racing schedule.  For those who don’t know, Coffman in a multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm with eight locations including Anchorage. I work with in the Anchorage mechanical group doing secret stuff (or at least tasks that I probably shouldn’t publish). For more information, or if anyone ever needs to work with an engineering firm, check out our website (http://www.coffman.com/).3 Coffman JPEG Blue

Second, if you read my last two blogs you know that the period one supertours were successful for me. Spawning from that racing are a couple world cup starts in period two.  I could go into a full nerdgasm about points, but I might save that for a later broadcast.  For now just be excited along with me that I head off to Europe for my first world cups following US nationals. Also if you are a Noah Hoffman fantasy contest member and a fan, you should be able to draft me for at least the Nove Mesto weekend of January 22nd and 23rd. Prepare to leap ahead in your league by utilizing the dark horse strategy of selecting me in my first world cup.


Along with all this excitement has to be some chaos and for me this means an onslaught of racing, tying up loose ends at work, figuring out sponsorship, moving out of my apartment, and normal holiday chaos. The real driver is that all this is happening over a few days instead of a more drawn out period.  On top of that, lots of friends are now returning to Anchorage and I have no time for adventuring. Instead, I will be jetting off to Bozeman to visit my parents right after the Besh Cup races this weekend.  I would put in a sad face emoji, but I think I’ll avoid that for a blog. Visiting family is good to though.  I would also put in a Christmas emoji but I have no idea what is available and never use emojis anyway.

There now no one can say I’m not in the holiday spirit.


Rather than discussing my lack of emoji knowledge, I should probably be doing all those tasks mentioned above.  So in the best nordic skier fashion, I will commence trying to fit 150lbs of gear into my 100lb airline allotment.  Now, do I take the ice climbing tools and manage with a less than optimal number of ski bindings? Choices are hard.

Extraneous gear for a cross country ski trip? Definitely not!

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