Fighting the Forecast

Every year it comes around,  a couple last weekends to get in the last summer adventures.  Summer adventures can be a bit too taxing for later in the fall when it is time to build intensity and speed instead of testing the very limits of one’s endurance.  Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always recognize that the weekend is supposed to have an adventure.  Planning the night before with an 80% chance of rain wasn’t too inspiring, but in the end it was adventure time not weather time.

Andrew heading out along Eklutna Lake

Early on, we were greeted with fine weather and a lovely view of the snowy summit of bold peak that marked our destination. For the next 8 hours we transitioned from jackets, to shirts, to shirtless, and back up the spectrum as we climbed to 6500ft to our summit.

Bashful hiding in the clouds.
Bashful hiding in the clouds.

In the end, the views were lost when the fresh snow began at about 6000ft.  We summited in whiteout conditions treated to the first cornices and snowdrifts of the year.


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